Quickly, the first three things I can think of I’m grateful for every day are… Don’t know there’s many…. That I already have the best in my life that I have all I need which is that I’m healthy I have a beautiful family my kids, and my parents my mom and dad, but mainly my mom who supports me a lot — but I don’t like living with them though… :-) (more on that later).

Also that I’m able to work on projects and things that I love I like and I hope that will get me somewhere and that are of my own!

I don’t know I don’t know but still you know even in spite of all this I do feel down I feel not cheerful not happy, because I guess it is just that I need to constantly remind myself of all these things.

That’s it. It is all that it is all those things that we all take for granted but that is big mistake we all need to realize that at least that’s the way I see it that I think that we already have the best in life that we already have what we need. I don’t know why think I don’t need anything else. I would love love love to have my own home my own house and to be able to create something on my own. That is what I consider the biggest failure of my life. I’m working hard, strugglin really working hard to make the money to be able to afford our own living. But these are all material things right?

I mean we got all the food we need way more than that we go to restaurants we drink water or anything we want anytime we want, my God we even flush down our toilets with drinking water. You know even though despite all this, we live in extreme luxury. In the top 15% or so of the most advanced countries in the world.

So that is that. This is all true but still it sometimes makes me feel so weird, sad, down. But I am so happy that I am the kind of person who is actually able to realize all these facts and who does not take these facts for granted. And that is what gives you/me the gratefulness, your gratitude.

…to be continued.