Introducing bio-payments

Patric Lanhed
Oct 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Last night we did the actual first transaction from a chip-implant.

I’ve heard about people who have a public key stored in their chip, which in theory would make it possible to pay BTC to that persons Bitcoin wallet, but not paying from it. This is what we been trying to figure out and last night we pulled it off. The world first payment from a chip implant!

New standard for storing data and API

One major part of this project has been to specify how to store different data on the chip. The aim is to have this accepted as a standard so we’ll be releasing this as open source.

The new way of structuring data allows use of multiple applications, instead of just storing one record type at the time.

The types of services/functions we see benefit from this could for example be:

The list could be go on, but I think you get the point.

An application using our structure and API will be able to use just the services it needs.

Developers will be able to create services for their clients.

This is big, and the ball is rolling…

Workshops and presentations

Next week on November 3rd, and will be part of a workshop held at , where we will introduce this to developers ready to hack away.

We will be able to talk of this at meetups and events. If you’re interested, contact either of us.

The team consists of:

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