Leaps are not for giants

I wrote an unpublished story about a year ago. Me and a friend planned a startup and was in the final of being admitted to an accelerator program. The post had a few key sentiments:

change markets and affect people's life


disrupt the cornerstones of our society

Today I’m working together with a career agent, and this sentiment is still spot-on where I need to be to feel satisfaction. The difference is that now I have an awareness of why this is important to me and I’m starting to understand how I can get there. But the why is the important thing here. Impossible is nothing.

It’s impossible to grow crops in the dry lands.

Thousandfold it!

The post I’m referring to was not published because we weren’t admitted and I took a step back because of reasons. The rest is history, no time to dwell on that. I’m now focusing on where I can find my next venture. What’s important is that I’m in control of it and every step towards it is intentional.

In 50 years, when I look back at my life, I want to think I lived a good life. A life that changed the lives for millions, or even billions of people, that flipped the structures in some parts of the society.

I’m impatient, have a strong conviction, passionate and dare to take moves others would doubt. My work with the agent have given me insights and knowledge about myself. Confidence. We’re now working on paving the way forward.

Where some people say they’re doubling, I’ll say thousandfold it! For that to happen structural changes in the cornerstones of our society is necessary. And there’s no shortcut to that. This is where I belong, where my passion lies and I’m confident about it.

Leaps can be made by any man that see the possible in the impossible. It’s a mindset, not a skill.