The little girl and the kingdom of dreams

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Yeah, with your hair, just about your size, tucked in bed just like you are. Shhhh! Listen:

She didn’t want to sleep.

— But I’ll miss you, mommy!

— Honey, you need your sleep. You see, it’s when we are sleeping that little kids grow. If you don’t sleep you won’t become a big girl like I know you want to be!

Then the mother kissed her in the forehead and said “sweet dreams my love” and the little girl closed her eyes.

After some time she could swear she saw something pass quickly and hide. “There!” — she though — “behind that tree!” and she found Little Dream hiding, very concentrated, drawing with crayon.

He saw her and blushed — he looked so shy! — and she asked “Hi! What are you doing?”

He closed his drawing book and put it on his crossed legs. Then he answered: “Hi! I was drawing new dreams! But I’m afraid I’m not very good at doing it alone”

— Can I see your drawings?

— Y-yes, I suppose. But please be kind.

And she sat by his side to see what he was drawing. There were a lot of very colorful and beautiful drawings on the first pages and she got excited. He had drawn castles and rainbows and unicorns and dinosaurs and big airplanes battling in the skies and kitties and…

— Wow! You are amazing!

Then there was a page totally blank.

— Why did you stop drawing?

— I just don’t know what I want to draw today.

— What about a-a-a… a spaceship! Looking like a ball with a glass to see the stars and… — and as she was telling him what to draw something amazing happened.


A spaceship exactly like the one in the drawing appeared out of thin air floating in front of them.

— Oh Wow! Look at THAT! How did you do this? Your crayons are magic? That’s SO COOL!

— Er… No. The crayons only work with me. But they only get really magical if I have help from someone. They don’t do magic if no one else comes here. It can get really boring, having no one to play with me.

— I can be your friend and come visit if you want!

— Would you? That’s cool! Thank you!

— Is it safe to drive that thing? — she pointed at the floating spaceship.

— Well, we did draw the controls so I guess yes?

She went up quickly, ran and jumped inside it: “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

He did the same 2 seconds behind.

They used the spaceship to travel the world of dreams and they visited the giraffe that was tall and her neck was funny and they visited the waterfall where the water created a beautiful rainbow and the fish all liked to swim and they went to the beach and they went to granny’s house and they went to the shopping and the park and they played with all the toys there. Yes, even the videoke.

Then she heard something. It was mommy calling her.

— I have to go! — the girl said. I had a wonderful time!

— Will you come and play with me later? — Little Dream asked

— Of course I will!

And then the little girl woke up. She was a little bit, just a wee small bit taller than the night before.

To Carmen, that every night asks for a new story and is making me a better storyteller

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