What will be the next Pokémon Go?

News outlets are going crazy with speculation about NIA doing new IP releases after Pokémon, going with all kinds of similar games with your preferred pop reference, from Harry Potter to GoT.

Actually,many Ingress players have some degree of technology knowledge (because geeks) and the subject has been talked to exhaustion between them these last three years - we could do it, we should create more ARGs.

But the talk isn’t about cloning Ingress orPokémon Go mechanics. Having a virtual reality layer superposing real life maps using Google Maps lends itself to all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi scenarios. Why limit yourself?

Just imagine having access to all kinds of imaginary worlds on your smartphone screen. LARPING Vampire with lairs and “secret” reunions in public buildings standing for Camarilla gatherings. Fighting Werewolves. Gathering ingredients for potions with missions that take you all around the town in Potter Parallel Reality. Exploring Stranger Thing’s Upside Down as a big puzzle full of perils for your player. Cyberpunking the hell out of this Sprawl. Ghost hunting, yes, why not. Visiting Faerie. Coraline’s Other Mother Realm. Neverwhere.

Actually I can totally see an Augmented Reality Game created by Neil Gaiman. Don’t you?

You can have all kinds of game mechanics work in ARGs. Grow your virtual farm. Build strategic structures like in Civilization and protect them from other countries. Play War. Toss birds over pigs in a park, physically using the accelerometer of your smartphone (just try not to toss the phone too).

And, of course, I hope to be surprised with something new and original. Unexpected. Unpredictable. That’s how I roll.