I drank nothing but water for five days and I think everybody should try it.

This is how my mind felt: undeterminably blurry. As fuck.

Motherfucking Waterfast. New to the idea? It’s exactly what it states. 5 days of consecutive abstinence from anything other than water and, for fancy flavour and healing reasons, tea.

(Water-)Fasting has a long tradition. Its benefits (both scientifically proven and mythically narrated) range from the prevention of cardiovascular diseases over re-establishment of the mind/body connection to the better treatment of cancer; its cure even.

Of course, in a world of confirmation biases (what? I thought everyone on Instagram is rich and a world traveler?), we hear opposing voices. Here’s an unconfirmed statistic: for every enlightened health guru promoting water fasting, approximately five scientists, doctors and Youtube stars complain about it as pointless, downright dangerous and absolutely not recommended.

Alas, from a nutritional point of view, it’s surely a step into the wild. Generally spoken, withdrawing macro- and micronutrients from your body is like withdrawing your savings from the bank and burning it right in front of the ATM.

Come on, do your judgemental move. May I ask you: what if, over the course of your life, had thoroughly stored more nutrients than you need? What if, like so many people, you’d been carrying a mental basket full of dirty laundry, stuffed back into deeper drawers of consciousness for far too long? What would you do?

Well. Stopping to eat for a while didn’t come to me like an instant revelation, either. Up to today, I’m living life beautifully. The people around me mirror dem good vibez – they’re the litmus test of my love hypotheses. For me, life has become an open plain full of cool discoveries and potential for self development.

Therefore, stopping my intake of healthy, nourishing food wouldn’t pop into my mind– Why would I stop doing stuff that was good for me? Yet, while continuing to explore life in default power mode, I recognised there was something inside of me. It was calling for attention. It was keeping my mood down. Keeping me weak.

My body sent signals and all I did was ignoring them to get over it

Immersed in the exciting exchanges with interesting humans, a new job and every-day learnings, I wasn’t able to pull the strings together and listen well to the signals my body kept sending.

That “something” grew into a wavy feeling of depression. Like the peak of a massive ice berg surfacing in the calm sea, the feeling just wouldn’t disappear– It would just get bigger the longer I waited.

Like the peak of a massive ice berg surfacing in the calm sea, my feeling of depression just wouldn’t disappear.

Days started with a dissonant tone, playing a dissonant melody in the background. Elevator music? I felt detached from my soul and couldn’t feel well in my skin. Regardless of trying all sorts of healthy remedies (yes, all of them– from A for Asanas to Z for zealous minimalism), nothing lasted for long.

People of the Internet: sometimes, we need to dig deeper. To think for a longer time. Conclusions don’t always come in crystal clear ways. We evolve and develop. Our life is complex and daily responsibilities keep us from scheduling time to figure shit out.

People google their symptoms instead of counting 1+1 together

We, the 2017's sensational bigots of Generation Y & Z, love to get everything at the convenience of our fingertips. Instad of deeply understanding and preventing them at their root, we choose to instantly “heal” the manifold symptoms of urgent bodily signals. Worse even, when we finally concluded there’s need for change in the sailing course, figuring out WHICH path to take is even harder.

Don’t try googling your problems too hard. Except finding out your exact death date and that you’ve got the HIV virus, the Internet binarily offers two options for cure: either you become an avid raw-vegan yogi OR you gotta live with being a complete ecological sinner forever. Never mind the fact vegans are taking drugs and meat-eaters care for ecological sustainability, too. Where the fuck is the happy medium path in all of this?

Dude, was I fed up with my own dependency on pseudo science, other peoples’ opinions and the Internet. My god, feeling like crap but pouring oil into hot fire by trying to fix it the conventional way didn’t work any more.

That’s why I chose the simplest path ever: for once, I listened to myself. Then, I decided to put myself first without any compromise. Next, I realised what it would take to achieve this goal: In order to put myself first, I needed to reboot my Self.

How would better to an empty mind than by emptying your body? I packed hiking boots, rented a tiny place far up in the mountains, booked a train ticket and stopped eating.

Next up

This is how my five-day water fast went (Link soon to be realeased).