Prayer to Santa Muerte for the Protection of the Home

My White Child, My Black Lady, My Most Holy Saint Death,

Thanking you for all that you do, have done and go on doing for me, I declare myself filled with love and devotion for you, and I lovingly ask you to please protect this house and those who live here. I ask you to please fill this home with peace, love and happiness, and that you keep away, from this home and this family, everything that does not help us, or which hurts us or disturbs us. I ask you to help us every day to live in abundance, and that we never want for anything here.

I’m telling you, my Dearest Bony Lady, that this home is your home, that this family is your family, and that all the love and protection that you offer us is the same love and dedication that we give you in return.

This I ask of you, my Most Holy Saint Death of my life, while surrendering my full devotion to you.

So may it be, with your blessing. Please stay with me and keep me with you at all times.

Before your prayer and petition, light up a golden and a white candle, three Sandalwood incense sticks and a cigarette, offering them to the Bony Lady, as well as a candy, a bread, a glass of water, a glass of good Tequila, and two flowers: a yellow one and a white one.