mother .

everyone’s mother should have a huge impact in their life . afterall , she is the women who birthed , took care of you , loved you , and was there for you when no one else was . she’s about the only one who actually told me i was beautiful in elementary when i thought otherwise . everytime i felt scared she was there to protect me and make me feel safe . and although she may not be the richest… she always made things happen . i never went without food , a warm home to stay in , or clothes on my back . my mother is my super women ❤️ . without my mother i would’nt be here today . literally . there were times i felt like giving up , like giving my life to god . but the strong character she is was passed on to me . “ you’re young you have so much ahead of you . go for what you believe in . “ is what she often tells me . i won’t let you down . i’m her first born , she expects so much from me and i am more than willing to make her proud . i know she feels as though the things she tells me are just words to me . they aren’t . they stick in my mind within every choice i make . if its good i’ll congratulate myself , if its bad i’ll have a guilty conscious along with that feeling of letting her down . i may not have been the best child, but she has been the best mother she can be to me . i chose to make those ignorant choices on my own . i will take the blame . SO sorry , and i love & appreciate the things you do for me . to some this up …


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