Bad UX From PhilaU APP

In September last year, as a new graduate student, I downloaded PhilaU mobile APP. In first glance, It must admitted that the UI is decent, dark red buttons and black background was matched perfectly.

I expected I could find some special introduction of PhilaU When I first opened this App, but nothing there. The first button is directory in APP,I just had some problems about my accounts in that time, so I touched and input “accounts” in the searching text-box, It showed me “no people”. Then I changed to search “technology, It showed me ”no people “again. I though maybe it works if I search some people’s name. However, as a new students, how I know the people name who work in accounts apt and technologic apt.

The second chance I opened the APP was the first time I came to campus for class. I opened the APP tried to figure out where am I. The map showed me the whole campus map; I only can see the outline and name of each building. Neither GPS nor navigation can lead me get to my destination.

The last time I used the APP was I would try to check my edu mailbox. Students and teachers all understand how email as the most important connected tool to us. This APP made me disappointment again, I didn’t find any access go through my emails. Eventually, I totally gave up.

Right now, The PhilaU APP still in my IPhone. For this article, I opened it again, but nothing changed. The bad UX still exists. As a student in PhilaU,I decide to keep it and hope it will change to better in someday.

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