Everyone’s Favorite Thing: Time

Do you remember the time a slow car pulled into your lane, traveled 5 mph under, and prevented you from making it past the stoplight? Also the time you waited more than 10 minutes for your food, computer froze out of nowhere, was placed on hold for more than a minute, shipment took a day longer than expected, had to wait in a long line at the grocery store with an old lady right in front of you struggling to count her money, and was PISSED OFF? Because I sure do! We are tremendously impatient. We won’t even wait a few seconds for the pedestrian to FULLY cross the road and half of us don’t even come to a full stop at a stop sign!

Time Efficiency

WE LOVE TIME and waiting sucks! Even worse, traffic sucks even more! We all dread it! I applaud Elon Musk for taking initiative and coming up with The Boring Company at an attempt to alleviate it which I’m crossing my fingers it works. In the meantime, let’s do the best we can with what we have already: public transportation! Make it more accessible and convenient! For instance, add more buses and routes! The one reason why I don’t take the bus to school is because it takes too long. It takes me 2 hours via bus whereas driving would take 20–25 minutes. I would love to utilize public transportation to reduce traffic and save gas but it is highly inconvenient! Not only would the improvement of public transportation clear traffic, but it would also decrease the time it takes to find a parking spot, not to mention the time it takes to leave the parking lot. America may be the greatest country in the world in many ways, but public transportation is not one of them.

I believe that products and ideas that help us save time will prosper. For example, Apple’s iPhones are quick, simple, and easy to navigate from one app to another. As for Samsung’s Galaxy, they’re known to drastically lag and eat away at your patience which I assume is a huge turn-off for myself and many others, hence the monopoly of iPhones. Why buy a phone that you know will take at least 5 seconds to open an app? Its new features, wireless charging, customization and blah blah blah’s that Samsung has to offer is all great but I DON’T CARE. The Galaxy will remain inferior until the phone can navigate through any function smoothly and quickly. This is another reason why the idea of drive-thru’s, express lanes at grocery stores, and carpool lanes are immensely popular; it saves us time. How will we continue to develop time-saving products?