Will You be a Loser or a Winner?

You’ve probably heard how we as humans are unbelievably minute in the whole scope of the universe. Surrounded by trillions of planets, millions of galaxies, and a grand outer space that we cannot even fathom, you can’t help but feel insignificantly small. If you believe this concept, you may agree with me that life can go one of two ways: None of the effort and time that we put into the world matters because we’re all going to die anyways and create little to no impact. OR, we ARE going to die, so we need to make a big dent in the world. The latter was one of the mentalities that motivated Steve Jobs throughout his life and something I’ve been attempting to emulate.

That being said, I still understand why people are lazy. It’s easy. You don’t need to think hard, you can stick by what others tell you to do, you don’t stand out, you don’t take risks, and you have the leisure of sticking to the status quo. It’s like how high schoolers just want to fit in. I have to admit, there are times when I think that all my creative thinking and ambitions are a whole bunch of horse crap and it’s just me being naive. I constantly have to remind myself that it’s worth it. Realistically, I COULD do drugs, rob a bank, and sit in a jail cell and say “nothing matters because as we all know, we’re all going to die.” Giving up is easy, however, there is too much to life for me to stop trying.

As Gary Vaynerchuk would put it, “the chances of becoming a human in our day and age is four hundred trillion to one. Let me say that again. THE CHANCES OF YOU BEING A HUMAN RIGHT NOW IS FOUR HUNDRED TRILLION TO ONE!” Yes, it’s cliche, and yes, you’ve probably heard it before, but seriously think about it! Life is the greatest gift we could ever receive! 4,000,000,00:1! Gary’s quote is the one quote that forces me to shut off social media, turn off my video games, wake up, and strive for success (as well as write this blog). For all we know, we could’ve been the bacteria that lived on the bottom of little Johnny’s shoes when he stepped in a huge pile of dog sh**! Before watching that show on Netflix or going out to the bar, think to yourself, “could I do something more valuable with my time? Is this improving my life as a human being?” If there is that one bit of hesitation or doubt holding you back, you might want to reconsider your decision. Lastly, I like to remember that if my parents had sex one second later I most likely would’ve ended up as a sad, dry sperm cell. We are lucky as heck to be the strongest swimmer of the bunch so let’s not waste our lives!

In my humble opinion, life plays out one way or the other: nothing matters so we live every day aimlessly, or, we maximize our potential. How will you write your legacy?

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