Auto Car Sunshade Keep Your Car Cool in Hot Summer

The biggest problem while parking a car is to find a parking in the shade. It’s quite annoying to get in your car after a tiring day at the office and your car welcomes you with unbearable heat. It’s not just with office goers but even if we plan a picnic with our friends and family, we struggle to get a suitable parking. But Lanmodo brings you the best ever car sun shade umbrella.

Its best quality material and patent design make it an easy to use and durable product. It just takes less than a minute to install and use this item. The temperature difference is unbelievably up to 98.6 °F (36 °C). It also protects your car from acid rain and unwanted dirt. Its patent automatic folding structure makes it easier to use and it just takes 30 seconds to install it. Its anti-theft design makes it more secure and durable.

Studies showed the temperature to be over thirty-five degrees ‘less’ when the car-tent was used, versus when it was not. A portable car umbrella is an innovative early development stage product, designed to provide efficient protection of your car from the fierce summer sunlight. This portable car umbrella will fit easily in every trunk and you’ll still have a lot of room for your other stuff, thanks to its size of 33.46 inches and the weight of about 13.23 Ib.

Lanmodo car umbrella comes with four different color options (black, silver and army camouflage pattern), so you can choose one that matches the design of your car. The color can also be customized according to customer demand. Use the screen to protect your vehicle while waiting for someone or spending the entire day at the mall, and of course, the product is more than suitable for a picnic — but remember to leave your car away from the sun. In addition to the protection of sunlight, this car umbrella can also keep your car safe from dust, rain, and even annoying bird droppings.

With Auto Portable Car Tent, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

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