Is X-Ray Vision Coming to Your Town?

It’s 6:01 AM when your iPhone starts vibrating. And it doesn’t stop. There’s water coming up through the pavement on Main Street and everyone who’s out for an early morning walk or run is calling you, the mayor, in a panic because these citizens remember the horror-show sinkhole that happened in that other town because of a water leak. It nearly bankrupted them. Thankfully, you bought the X-Ray vision (Meemim’s vGIS system) that’s going to give your workers the ability to see through the pavement, into the water pipe infrastructure below the street and fix the leak on time.

OK, so it’s not exactly the Superman X-Ray vision you read about in comic books as a kid. It’s better. Because it’s available today.

Meemim’s vGIS System on HoloLens

Using Meemim’s vGIS system, municipalities and counties can digitize all the underground information infrastructure data so it is visible to their municipal workers when they use the HoloLens with the vGIS system in the field.

“Using Meemim’s vGIS system means that field workers will no longer have to rely on paper blueprints to understand where the infrastucture is”, said Alex Pestov, President of Meemim. “They’ll be able to visualize the data simply by looking. The Meemim vGIS system can also be integrated into other systems using an application programming interface (API) that is common with modern technologies.”

HoloLens: The Fashionable Alien Look

To be truthful, the HoloLens looks like some sort of alien helmet or larger, fancier ski goggles. But the technology underneath the futuristic looking headset has the potential to radically change many industries (like architecture, civic engineering, gaming — use your imagination).

Microsoft released HoloLens in 2016, but it’s relying on partners like Meemim to develop breakthrough real-world applications. Just like Apple had no idea that the first spreadsheet would be invented on an Apple II (google Dan Bricklin and VisiCalc), Microsoft really doesn’t know where (and how) HoloLens is going to make the biggest impact in today’s industry. It’s up to developers like Meemin to create applications with real world productivity gains.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality: 500 Million Users and Counting

Pokémon Go was just a game, but look at its success. Over 500 million downloads were recorded. The success of Pokémon Go surprised everyone including The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Niantic (the developer), and many others. One of the reasons it was so successful is that it was so easy to use. Game players simply travelled to specific locations where those lovable virtual Pokémon characters were located, aimed their camera at the Pokémon, and caught it. So easy. Yet the technology to create the game was remarkably complex. Pokémon Go uses the camera in a mobile phone, coupled with GIS information provided by Niantic, in addition to the accelerometer, magnetometer, and geographic positioning system (GPS) within the phone itself to make it all happen.

Meemim’s vGIS system aims to bring that same ease of use to municipal workers when they need to “see” underground infrastructure.

The Education Mission

“We know that, like Microsoft, our primary mission at this point is educating municipalities and towns on what Microsoft’s HoloLens and Meemim’s vGIS system can do for them”, added Pestov. “And because we can’t possibly see everyone, we’re building a channel for continued education. We want people to be able to subscribe to our updates so they can stay abreast of developments as they emerge.”

Meemim’s marketing team is partnering with Profitable Conversions, a company that specializes in marketing automation, to form this education channel for Meemim’s vGIS system.

“Marketing automation is the key platform that we are using to ensure subscribers to receive the latest education materials, information about webinars, videos, and more,” said Bernie Schmidt, President of Profitable Conversions, a company that Meemim is working with to drive education. “There is no better way I know of to form an educational relationship with people who are hungry for information. And like any other subscription platform, it’s easy to unsubscribe if the subscriber changes jobs or no longer has an interest.

“For Meemim, I’m using SharpSpring marketing automation technology because it’s available to any company, through an agency like mine, at a low cost without a long-term commitment”, added Schmidt.

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