Intellectual & liberal speaks out: Bernie Sanders is a fraud.
S. Novi

Another interesting Bernie hypocrisy; when he was mayor of Burlington the G.E. plant there made miniguns. Those are the spinning six barrel gatling guns that shoot 4000–6000 rounds a minute. They were licensed for sale to pretty much any 3rd world government that was anti-Communist including El Salvador and Honduras. Because of limitations on “lethal aid” to those countries imposed by the Democrats in Congress the U.S. would give them “non lethal” Huey helicopters to be used for medical evac and then they would buy the miniguns from G.E. and mount them and use them to kill “guerrillas”, or farmers, or children, or nuns. When the peace folks showed up and blocked the gate to the plant because of this, Bernie sent the police and had them all arrested. Because the jobs the plant provided the town were more important.

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