Shrimpify Google Sheet Update

Now includes support for Bittrex, a fix for portfolios including USDT, and the possibility to separate deposits and withdrawals from gains.

Last week I posted a guide on how to use a Google Sheet I created to track how much you’ve gained by using Shrimpy compared to what you would have if simply hodling.

Most of the feedback I received was positive, though there were a couple bugs and a few feature requests. I had a little time to work on it this week, so I thought I’d post this update for the awesome Shrimpy community.

The changes to the Sheet are as follows:

  • A separate sheet (in the same file) where you can track your Bittrex portfolio
  • A new column where you can manually enter any funds that you deposit or withdraw into Binance or Bittrex, so that these aren’t considered gains in your portfolio
  • A bug fix where portfolios containing USDT were not correctly being evaulated

The new version of the Sheet can be found here: Shrimpify: Track Your Gains

The setup instructions are just about the same to those found here in my previous guide.

  • Make a copy of the Sheet in your own Drive (and make sure it’s private, so no one can get access to your API keys)
  • Enter your API key and secret in the top right corner. At the bottom left you can switch between the Binance and Bittrex sheets.
  • To grab your current balances, click the button on the right (you only have to do this once)
  • If you want to import previous balances you can do this manually (after the script grabs the assets and puts them in the correct order, just manually change the values in the “Initial Balance” column — but don’t touch “in BTC” as that will update automatically)
  • Next click the middle button to update your current balances and calculate gains.
  • If you add or remove funds from Binance/Bittrex while using Shrimpy, you can simply add the unit amounts to the Deposit/Withdrawal column. Again, you don’t need to touch the “in BTC” part, as this will update automatically.
  • For convenience, you can go to Tools -> Script Editor, and then Edit -> Current Project’s Triggers to get the sheet to automatically update (detailed instructions in the previous article).

As always, if you find this helpful, I appreciate a follow or some applause. And if you have any questions, problems, comments or criticism, feel free to comment here or contact me on Telegram @gypsyhymn. Good luck and happy Shrimpy-ing!