Day 2 — Drugz

Adderall is meth, and…

Ya brain on drugzzzz. Mine was more like an Omelette tho

Like I said, I am not your doctor.

But I have some thoughts about ADD drugs in general: They suck. Seriously. Those are my thoughts.

The drugs will never fix you. They are designed to keep you on the hook forever as you keep needing them to maintain your “chemical balance”. You are subjected to the whims and caprices of the chemicals within those tiny pills. And God help you if the one that works for you stops working after a while and nothing else on the market comes close to giving you that temporary fix.

ADD drugs are a shortcut. They give you temporary relief so you have executive function for the moment. For now.

Your best bet is to implement coping strategies that are unique to you. My coping strategies may not work for you, but I hope they will spur you into finding yours through constant do, fail/win, repeat.

I am not advocating throwing your drugs in the trash can. I just need you to know you are not meant to be permanently on drugs. They are temporary. They are meant to help you function while you experiment and figure out what works for you in the long term.

The beautiful thing about this gift is that once you find what works for you drug-free, you will function at capacities far higher than most people do.