Being Aggressive Will Not Sustain You

I don’t really like aggressive marketing techniques. Once a tactic has to be aggressive every time for the same thing, I don’t follow through.

Why? Because it makes me question the viability of the product/solution. And if the product is not the problem, then something else is flawed.

Every brand has a message. And by brand, I don’t just mean businesses. I mean you.
 That message determines what kind of solution you create, and how you create it. But that’s not all.

Your message is responsible for attracting people to you.

The bad part is multiple people can have the same message. The good part is everyone’s message has a unique streak. Brand experts call that a USP.

Imagine you’re driving around town and you pass a bakery that’s in operation. No one needs to tell you that you just passed a bakery.

You don’t even need to see the signpost.

All you need to do is perceive the smell of bread.

The owner of the bakery doesn’t need to come out and stop every car. To him, anyone who wants to eat bread will follow the smell.

If he is the only one in that vicinity, then he’ll be the top dog there.

Now imagine you drive further and enter a section dominated by different bakeries. The message is the same: the smell of bread and every other thing sumptuous….yum!

But some bakeries will be dirty. Some will be clean. Some receptionists will be polite, some will be rude.

The fliers they share really don’t matter if they have bad customer service. The jingles they play outside don’t matter if the bakery is dirty. The best they’ll get are one-time customers.

They’ll have to be aggressive every time.

What about you? Are you aggressive every time you want to get people to “patronise” you? If that’s the case, perhaps God hasn’t finished baking you. When He’s done, your aroma would attract people.

Joseph was from a tribe that easily interpreted dreams. He didn’t have to interpret his dreams for his brothers. They knew the answers (Genesis 37:6). But God had to take him to a place (Egypt) where that “work” would help him stand out.

He became the top dog there. But his brand character sustained him, not aggressiveness.

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