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The ICO problem

They tried to grab money during almost a year. Finally after a year on september 2020 there is zero product while big crypto products have been developed on few months.

Telegram behaviour

The behaviour is typical to a scam.

You can post another message after 15 minutes only. You ask something, someone replay your question. You can’t reply. There is no dialog possible. This is voluntary.

Admin and some “users” spam the chat with same useless messages. See samples below.

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When you associate these 2 points, the messages of dissatisfied users are drowned or blocked.

Many users on Telegram simply ask to receive their tokens. A very large part of tokens have not been distributed. The worst-case scenario cannot be ignored: they distributed the token to their own addresses, to small investors and paid influencers.

The poor website

During the ICO you can see that the website is clearly technically poor.

Buy tokens with an ETH transaction, your BIDAO tokens count is not updated.

During the ICO you had the possibility to stake BIDAO tokens. But your tokens count is also not updated.

There is nothing automatic. The website is / was an empty box to grab money.

Token distribution

The distribution is not legal : some “users” received their tokens while others are claiming them.

If you check top holders, the distribution is unique.

The first holder is the Uniswap pool. Then the distribution is pefectly scattered.

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According to the whitepaper you should see allocations for founders, developer bounties, marketing bounties, advisory board. Unless everything has been consumed you should see addresses with percentages greater than 1%.

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If you check TOP 30 holders, many addresses have zero activity or have only one inbound ETH transfert. Check yourself :








Zero product after one year.

Zero serious exchange.

Telegram anti-democratic :

  • filter messages
  • ban suspicious questions
  • spam of promotion

Arbitrary distribution, direct manipulation price.

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