Bridgeswap: A decentralized exchange that allows you to exchange crypto tokens instantly


A decentralized exchange (DEX) is an exchange that does not rely on third-party money storage. All user transactions happen automatically and directly between users (peer-to-peer network). In other words, a decentralized exchange DEX gives users full control over their funds and transactions, while eliminating middlemen to avoid security issues, hackers, and fraud risks. . In addition, it is difficult to tax and manage funds from decentralized exchanges.

About Bridgeswap

Bridgeswap is a decentralized exchange that instantly exchanges crypto tokens, providing liquidity and staking rewards in the form of revenue.

Bridge replacement destination

Bridgeswap Destination connects Web3.0 Decentralized Finance from traditional finance in a decentralized way, creating a sustainable, accessible and community-driven DAO, a fair world economy. To achieve this, Bridgeswap has introduced four innovative products:

Bridge swap trading

Bridge swap farm

Bridge swap pool

Bridgeswap Defi 2.0 zap

and Bridgeswap lottery


Most Defi protocols struggle to get enough liquidity for protocol operations. As a result, there is a constant battle between different Defi protocols regarding the liquidity of services such as yield farming, staking and lending. The Defi protocol relies on the liquidity of the protocol’s users to function. They owe liquidity for their business, not liquidity. This entails many challenges.


Bridegswap’s solution to this problem is zapDefi 2.0. This new and unique system allows liquidity providers to exchange their liquidity pools for discounted Bliss tokens. Bridegswap draws liquidity from this system and does not rely solely on liquidity providers for its liquidity pool. The liquidity obtained from the Defi 2.0 zap is stored in the designated wallet as a reserve.

Demand swaps can fall into this illiquid situation if necessary. This accumulation of liquidity ensures longevity of liquidity and avoids the long-term liquidity problems that most Defi protocols face.

Token Information

Token Name : BridgeSwap

Token Symbol : BRIS

Chain : BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Initial Supply : 2,200,000

Earn $BRIS tokens from Farms and Pools, win in the lottery or buy on an exchange, then explore the Use Cases:

Bet in Pools to get free crypto tokens.

Use it in Yield Farms to get more BRIS.

Buy Lottery tickets at The BridgeSwap Lottery.

Vote on proposals related to BRIS DAO Governance.


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