Interview with Three Customers at SeaFood City

The research I needed to do involving ethnic media required me to go to a Filipino oriented grocery store. I went to a fish market called Seafood City. The women I had been able to find were all more or less interested in staying up to date with the news in the Philippines. Their need for ethnic media resembles the ethnic media we learned about in our reading. These residents are using this medium as a means to stay connected to two places at once.

Requel Cruz is from the Philippines and watches TFC — The filipino channel for entertainment. She watches this channel in her spare time. She will watch this channel to keep her up to date with what is happening in the Philippines.

Jaquie is from the Philippines and watches TFC as well. She uses this channel for its entertainment purposes but does utilize it for the news. She said the station gives her a great opportunity to expose her children to the culture and news updates from the Philippines.

Above is the Manila Bulletin, the news-site Carmela finds useful.

Carmela is a millenial from the Philipines and watches TV patrol which offers the only cultural ethnic television and news in her household. She uses the news station to keep up to date with what is happening in the Philippines. Carmela often watches TV patrol because her grandfather — who has an interest in keeping tabs on news events. She will also read news articles involving Philippino news on Manilla Bulliton.

Seafood City is a food grocery store that many people go to get food for filipino dishes
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