Sneak preview LAOCON Platform for browser

LAOCON is a company that provides a platform for bug bounty to conduct vulnerability diagnosis in information systems.

In response to the needs of companies and individuals which like to find the defects on the system, we give rewards of Ethereum-based tokens to white hackers, who are expert groups pointing out vulnerability on cyber security, and we will bring the service to the world by matching the needs of both. This scheme aiming to streamline the flow of people, time, cost and knowledge eliminates intermediate margins, and contributes to accelerate innovation around the world with decentralized methodology.

LAOCON is developing a bug bounty platform for the browser (currently beta version). This time we would like to show a part of the operation screens in the video below.

Our clients requesting diagnosis could make decisions on device, priority, amount of reward, summary, delivery date, proposal tags. You can see the process of registration and setting is quite simple.

LAOCON aims to be the standard of cyber security in the world, and keeps developing.