A week in Photography

Oba Market Benin

In the spirit of getting started, i decided i wanted to start taking pictures. I recently moved to a new city and i knew photography would avail me the opportunity to explore my new environment.

I took a course online on photography fundamentals and in no time i understood basic concepts like exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and framing a composition. That was enough to get me started with photography.


Camera: Professional cameras are quite expensive and i didn’t want to invest so much in a camera that i might stop using. That’s where my 12 MP Android phone came to the rescue, most camera apps on phones now have a “PRO” mode.

This mode gives you full control of the camera settings even though the camera still has some limitations you can create some really nice images and with the use of editing software create some great ones.

Even if your phone does not have PRO mode you can download camera apps that gives you PRO features.

Software: There are several free camera apps you can use to edit images on your app store, here are some of the apps i constantly found myself using.

  1. Snapseed: Snapseed is a photo editing app allows you edit like you were using the latest version of Adobe’s premium editing app. Did i mention that Google purchased it 2012.
  2. VSCO: VSCO is the worst kept secret in the world photography, it’s a powerful tool for editing and has a library of very cool filters.
  3. Instagram: Instagram was mainly used for sharing the photographs but nevertheless Instagram is a very powerful editing tool and allows you create some cool images.


During the course of the week i was able to create some emotion evoking images, i made sure each image was a representation of the techniques i had learnt.

Check out the pictures i took on my Instagram

Final Notes

I came to realise that photography isn’t about the tools but the techniques and understanding the aesthetics. My week in mobile photography was fun and it’s something i would keep doing as a hobbyist.