This article is based on our experience at, when we try to use Nuxt.js as our new frontend solution. I’m no longer working at, but I believe this experience is still useful to many developers who are struggling to connect to an existing API endpoint.


We have an existing API backend (previously it serves web interface too, as a "classical" website would do), which is using a clientId mechanism to keep account sessions. When someone visit the API endpoint, we will generate a clientId for him, and keep it in cookies for further visits. …

This article is translated from my Chinese article on Immortal.Work, with some parts rewritten. Immortal.Work, for those who are not familiar with, is a platform developed by myself like Medium, but specially optimized for Chinese writing and reading. It doesn’t matter even you didn’t use it. This translation would focus more on technology, and I assume that you’ve been familiar with Vue and Vue Singlefile Components pattern.


Since last year, Immortal.Work has been moving from traditional Meteor + Blaze stack to Meteor + Vue stack. In this article, I would talk about why Vue, why abandoning Blaze in Immortal.Work, what…

Wexpo Lyu

Team leader @ VividCloud by L&S.

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