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The cultists of zion, x-tian and jew alike, are finding that after nearly 70 years of controlling the truth, their grip is slipping. The throwing about of terms such as “anti-Semite” is being questioned and re-examined by those that defy the accepted norms as being false.

Merely delving into the darkness and sordidness of who was truly responsible for the despicable events of 911 opens a door filled with a long history of deceit, depravity, lies and pure evil. From the corruption of the highest office of our land by two Bush family members and the facts of precedence for 911 through the Freedom of Information Act in revealing “Operation Northwoods”, to the treachery of of this family founding the War Industries Board, or the “Dynasty of Death”, established in part by Bush family patriarch, Samuel P. Bush in 1915, and later evolving into what we know today as the Military Industrial Complex..

The anti-Americanism and anti-democratic ideology of this family can be traced back to 1844 with George Bush (distant cousin) and his embrace of zionism. But it was It was the dealings of Prescott Bush with his pro-Nazi stance and his collusion with several Wall Street bankers and industrialists to overthrow the government of the United States of America that helped set the stage for today’s chaos in the world.

Although unsuccessful, they did implant the roots of “fascism” in America. And THAT is what zionists thrive on! The cloak of “persecution” to further their own cause with a naive and uninformed populace. This is the pro-Israel cause in America and supported by naive, mentally immature x-tians who are deluded into believing that a dead jesus will return to life on Earth if the Kingdom of David is “restored”.

But those that are followers, x-tian and jew alike, are merely expendable chattel for the REAL goal. World domination through a dystopian world made chaotic through war, poverty and famine in order to keep the populace wanting “protection” from the “enemy”. The creation of a global police state where all human needs are tightly controlled by the “ruling class”!! Humanity is merely a resource, human resources, that are to be exploited and thrown away when no longer of any value to the rulers.



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