I Moved to Estonia Feb. 8, 2016 — Feb. 22, 2016

Holy crud, there’s a lot to fill you in on

I’m going to struggle layering everything notable from these past two weeks in order to build a coherent story, but here goes nothing.

Oh, I have an idea. I’ll hit you with some bullet points (Highlights) and then I’ll elaborate on them further down. This way if you only have one minute, it will be perfect for you to get the gist. Then just click that little heart or bookmark button at the very bottom to read the post later.

Björn’s “Get The Gist” Moments:

  • Received my Estonian Resident I.D. Code!
  • Met the Tallinn Music Week folks.
  • Was interviewed and published (Blog articles) by Jobbatical, twice.
  • Did a Snapchat Takeover for the Visit Estonia account.
  • Went to see Deadpool.
  • Went swimming in the Baltic Sea, AGAIN.
  • Started bouldering for the first time, EVER.
  • Most importantly, I played soccer for the first time while being here.

There you go. For those of you who are TOO busy at the moment, just bookmark this and read later. You’re excused. As for the rest of you…

I’m officially legal to stay… d — (^_^) — b

Huge News: I have been issued my Estonian Residency I.D. Code! This means I can legally stay in Europe and work for longer than the 90 days typically allotted (See: Schengen Zone).

Now, all I need is LHV to approve my bank account application and then I’ll be all set to focus my sights on figuring out a new apartment situation. Oh, and paying my U.S. bills without getting killed on international money transfers. This is why I also have a TransferWise account. Hooray for adulthood! No, don’t cheer for that.

Come visit me during Tallinn Music Week!

From March 28th till April 3rd, Tallinn will be bursting at the seams with artistic talent. TMW is a celebration of creativity, curiosity, freedom and equality and one of the major meeting points for European music and creative communities.

TMW is the only festival in the world that hosts a dedicated program for virtually every music genre, from underground to chart-pop, including an extensive list of classical composers. My initial impression of this event after meeting the organizers is that their goal is to make this the SXSW of Europe. So, it will be cool to be on a somewhat grassroots level of that. If you can’t make it but are interested in the music, check out the Tallinn Music Week 2016 Spotify playlist I’ve embedded.

Jobbatical.com Articles I Collaborated On

Globetrotting Inspiration

Jobbatical Stories

A Map of My VisitEstonia Snapchat Takeover

See below the map to re-live my SnapStory

How did I get this opportunity, you ask? Well, I just filled out their handy online form and they happened to reach out. If you watch the video please let me know what you think.

As a result, I’ve made a ton of new internet pals and have received some great feedback. Huge thanks to all of you who watched, shared, and said something nice to me about the story.

I know it’s silly but I was pretty worried about publishing something incoherent or uninteresting. So, it was a real boost to hear back from people saying they enjoyed my style, “Fun Facts,” and humor.

I had a real blast doing it and hopefully I’ll do another one soon.

Deadpool Movie Review

My second favorite Marvel movie

Finally, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t awful or completely obnoxious at acting. Wait, he was all of that! Though in this case, it was actually appropriate. Definitely worth going to see in the theaters. My only regret is, I didn’t hit the Estonian cinema snack bar. Boy is the gummy selection immense and the popcorn variety numerous. My first mistake in Estonia.

Thanks for reading! Below are a few of my favorite photos from the past two weeks

See you with another update two weeks from meow

  • Lekker: The only club I’ve been to so far.
  • The football dome!
  • Ronimisministeerium: The climbing gym I’ve been going to.
  • Swimming in the Baltic Sea and representing SPAM F.C. (Be sure to donate or register a team for our annual charity tournament!)
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