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My Dad and Brothers came to visit

Plus, Latitude59 and Arctic15… WOOF!

As I’ve highlighted before, two major motivating factors behind my recent lifestyle choices have been due to the loss of two great people I knew, to Cancer. One of these inspirational figures, Aaron Purmort has an incredibly strong and perspective rich wife (Nora) who has recently published a book about her loss, growth, and raising a child along the way.

If you can identify with this kind of hardship and are looking for something you can relate with during your private time… or if you simply enjoy great writing, I suggest to go to Amazon and order a copy of her book.

It’s Okay To Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too)

Full disclosure: The link above is an Amazon Affiliate link. So, if you end up ordering a copy through this link, I’ll get money from Amazon. If I end up making any money as I result I’ll be donating 100% of that to Nora’s non-profit, Still Kickin.

In the spirit Aaron lived with, the rest of this update will be mostly about appreciating the minor inconveniences and embracing open doors.

Just over a week ago, my two brothers and father came to visit me in Tallinn after I had met them in Helsinki for a weekend. Of course they wanted to stay with me in my tiny apartment but hey, what the hell, they’re family. Yikes! Adding three more men into a tiny one bathroom apartment is probably one of the worst family experiences one can be subjected to. Sorry, Courtney.

However, we wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time together had they stayed in an AirBnB so, that was good. We also realized why we had never done this before. If you’re wondering why, it’s because it is stupid. But all went well and we are all the better for having experienced it.

Things which were done: Beers drank, walking walked, Medieval soups slurped, history absorbed, Baltic Sea swam, and gas passed.

Now, only my mother needs to visit me. Four down, one to go.

Photos from the four Lapakko men in Helsinki and Tallinn:

Take care! Until next time!

As another family trip ended, a new cycle of conferences was ushered in. When my sister came to visit, we at Funderbeam were just about to host our launch party. This time around, we were participating in Latitude59 and Arctic15. Two fairly well known startup conferences.

I’d say up to this point the conferences I have previously attended have either been very self serving in nature and or simply uninteresting. But startup conferences in my opinion have a greater excitement and optimism around them. Everyone is trying to “disrupt” something, change the world, or just make a lot of money. This is a really addicting energy to be exposed to. Though, for its positives, I was exposed to this bizarre Cro-Magnon, sexist rhetoric, which I had read about a couple of years ago and has since inspired the #WomenInTech movement.

It’s bizarre to me because it is essentially a large population of predominately dweeb-ish men, using analogies you’d hear in an NFL locker-room. Phrases such as, “No homo” among a slew of poorly timed and abhorrently stale jokes about women, dating, and sex were in the minority but were used often enough to make me squirm in my seat and grow a desire to audibly boo. I always assume those who have been subjected to abuse from others would have the perspective to not perpetuate such abuse. I’m often found disappointed in the lack of internal reflection other’s possess.

That said, I found the next batch of upcoming Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Latvian, Russian, and Lithuanian startups to be exciting. In addition, the people I met and the conversations I had were extremely stimulating. Really invigorating to speak with people trying to shake things up.

Notable moment: Jobbatical’s Latitude59 party was fabulous and I’m particularly grateful for them pairing me with Funderbeam and for providing the chance to photobomb people as well as capture this gem of a photo.

Apply for a job on!

Some pictures from both Latitude59 and Arctic15:

Bonus Photos!

Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
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