Test. Test. Test again.

Gearing up for Funderbeam’s April 21st announcement

When bootstrapping at a startup it’s very important to take advantage of the opportunities you’re presented with. Meaning, whatever role you’re in, your equipment has to work when you need it to. So, test it and test it often.

Below, I was testing to make sure my GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 could capture nearly three hours worth of content without needing a battery charge.

GoPro Testing: Views of Telliskivi from Funderbeam

Why? Because Funderbeam will have a major announcement this Thursday! 😍👍 That’s April 21st, 2016 for those who are reading this a little late.

Back to the point. As a “Growth Hacker” or as a Marketer, you have to be resourceful. Many times, the best opportunities will be presented when you don’t have immediate access to; a photographer, videographer, and or designer. You have to be good enough to do the best with your skill set and the tools you have then and there.

So, why not be prepared? As they say, expect the unexpected. Or I guess in a startup, expect you won’t have the budget for a large content team. LOL!

Personally, I don’t like to have excuses. I like to execute. When things get in my way of executing a milestone, project, or other goals, I get tunnel vision fueled by this aggressive motivation. That’s near where I’m at right now because it’s almost, GAME DAY.

As such, I’ve been hyper focused on capturing content of our event this Thursday. Prior to April 21st, I’ve accumulated a Hero3, Hero2, another GoPro, iPhone 6s Plus, Nikon DSLR, Polaroid, and a Pentax Asahi. Lots of different ways to capture images of people speaking, listening, clapping, shaking hands, and eating snacks. But as I said, “aggressive motivation.” I want, I NEED, all of that content. LOL!

We’ll see how it goes but because I’m focused on making sure I have a plan, tested it, and have backups for the backups, I’m confident we’ll get some really nice video and imagery. 😎👌

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Here are this week’s photos:

Our CEO posing for “The Press”
Startup Wise Guys’ Demo Day
Jobbatical alumni dinner
The swimming continues

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