Words after the words

Apparently some people don’t understand the importance of words and don’t look for meaning. We just abuse and use up our words without thinking.

Apparently we have to look at the last words after the words. To see who said the first words. We can’t understand the importance without seeing that dash after the words. To see who said it. Because we follow. We do not lead. We do not have deeper understanding. We are shallow. And empty. And we wait for leaders.

We do not ask ourselves. How did the leaders become leaders? Did they expect information to fall into their hands?

Yes. Knowledge is there to create shortcuts and push us forward. But where is our critical thinking? Are we dependent on who said what? Are we like apple and Steve Jobs? As soon as the original and innovative input dies we decline?

Or do we use the words of big men that have come before us to support our dependent nature? To justify and maintain it? Dependent on the materialistic or whatever else makes us feel complete. Makes us feel complete but creates a void. Avoid what we cannot look at anymore, so we look the other way and we lie to ourselves, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make it through our days. Because the lies consume us and we forget.

We forget of who we are, our purpose, our strength.

So we look for them in words. In the words after the words. So that we give value to ourselves. Because we are afraid, that if we dare to share a piece of what we are, people will see the truth and look at our void. So we hide and try to become great men, stepping on men that come before us.

To give purpose and meaning to our empty lives. Through words after the words and words stolen.