Censorship during the Olympic Games in Brazil

Why #ForaDilma is allowed, but #ForaTemer is a capital crime, and how we should help.

At this moment in Brazil at several occasions any form of protest to the rightful Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is encouraged, while the big guns are put into place to prevent any appearance of the battle cry #ForaTemer (#OutWithTemer, or as I just coined myself, #TemerBeGone) is put down as quick as possible. Why? Because the impeachment of Dilma is not clean by a long shot, and Temer tries to keep his appearance of legitimacy up. He was booed at the opening of the olympics, and that would have been way worse if he would have opened the olympics as is normally the way it goes.

My call to you and all of your friends: translate the Brazilian battle cry to your language and make it known in the whole world that this current government is not legitimate. You cannot be silenced as easily as Brazilians themselves can at the moment. Many Brazilians will thank you.