Talk of quality talk of Macbook Pro. Neither can you defy its need nor its want and not even its lure. Lappie World brings to you the most advanced gadget of today MacBook Pro for an experience of a lifetime.

This is all you want for a smooth browsing, networking, designing, creating and exploring experience.

What are you in for while buying a MacBook Pro? You are in for surprisingly awesome features and amazing MacBooking indulgence.

Your MacBook Pro is built with utmost care and precision and is packed with many other features along with the following ones:

· One of its kind retina display.

· An all new force sensing track pad.

· Architecture with flash.

· Dual core and quad core Intel processor.

MacBook Pro has launched the most superior Retina display for a clear and larger than life viewing experience. With its unbelievably high pixel density it takes you to another level of clarity and realism. It is also programmed to reduce glare without compromising on the picture quality.

The multi touch function in OS X let’s you change application through realistic movements like pinching and swiping. And it also lets you make the most of your desktop space.

The Force Touch track pad helps you to have a real feel of what you do and see on the screen. It gives more power to your fingers and you. Hyper threading technology facilitates each core to work simultaneously on various tasks thus enhancing performance tremendously.

Their speeds are as high as 3.1GHz, shared L3 cache up to 4MB and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.4GHz. This makes the MacBook ideal for everyone who like it quick and clear. The speed and power of the gadget is good to support just about anything.

Whether scrolling through big photo albums or playing your favorite game, MacBook Pro will give you the best of everything at the best speed with highlighted details.

It’s automatic adjusting back light is of great help when traveling or doing your thing just aboit anywhere. You don’t have to depend on any external source of light to work, play or do whatever you want.

The gadget comes with ready to use apps such as Keynotes, Numbers, Pages, Photos, iMovie and GarageBand. Besides these there are thousands of fabulous apps available on Mac App store. Choose the one that suits you the best and enjoy to the core with MacBook Pro.

With iCloud you can access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and whatever you want from which ever device you are on. Which means a picture taken from your iPhone or make important changes in your schedule on your iPad will be automatically updated and appear on your Mac too.

Both the 13 inch as well as 15 inch MacBook come with a longer battery back up to support you for much longer.

Lappie World reviews the latest happening in the lappy world to update us with the best. MacBook Pro is a gadget that will not disappoint you. It will take you to a different world of performance where precision and top performance is in built in the system.