How to assign a System Password and Setup Password in Dell Precision T3600 workstation?

Dell Precision T3600 workstation is quite an an impressive machine, well-built and designed. T3600 is a lot of power in a mid-sized package.This workstation is perfect for graphics professionals, such as visual effects artists, to just about every engineering discipline we can imagine.

The user can create a system password and a setup password to secure the computer. System password is a Password that the user must enter to log on to the system.

Setup password is a Password that the user must enter to access and make changes to the BIOS settings of the computer. The password features provide a basic level of security for the data on the computer. Anyone can access the data stored on the computer if is not locked and left unattended.

The user can assign a new System Password and/or Setup Password or change an existing System Password and/or Setup Password only when Password Status is Unlocked. If the Password Status is Locked, the user cannot change the System Password.

If the password jumper is disabled, the existing System Password and Setup Password is deleted and the user does not need to provide the system password to log on to the computer.

To enter a system setup at first press<F2> immediately after a power-on or reboot.

In the System BIOS or System Setup screen, select System Security and press<Enter>. Then the System Security screen appears.

Verify that Password Status is Unlocked in the System Security screen. Select System Password, enter system password, and press <Enter> or <Tab>.

Rules to assign the system password:

A password can have up to 32 characters. The password can contain the numbers 0 through 9. Only lower case letters are valid, upper case letters are not allowed. Only the following special characters are allowed: space, (”), (+), (,), (-), (.), (/), (;), ([), (\), (]), (`).

When prompted re-enter the system password. Type the system password that is entered earlier and click OK.

Select Setup Password, type the system password and press <Enter>or<Tab>. A message prompts to re-type the setup password.

Type the setup password that is entered earlier and click OK. Press<Esc> and a message prompts the user to save the changes. Press<Y> to save the changes. The computer reboots.

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