What are the new tools that enable maximum performance and reliability in Dell Precision T7610 workstation?

The workstation customers have specific needs for their workflows so the Dell Precision T7610 has new tools that enable maximum performance and reliability so the customer can remain focused on being creative.

The T7610 will offer up to 512GB¹ system memory and power up to three high-end graphics cards, including up to two NVIDIA Quadro K6000s cards.

The new Dell Precision tower 7610 workstations include next generation workstation-class processors and professional graphics, Windows 8 factory installed, new Intel Cache Acceleration Software, PCIe SSDs and updates to Dell Precision Performance Optimizer. Designed for scientific analysis, professional engineering, and complex 3D modeling.

Dell Precision T7610 Workstation

Dell Precision Performance Optimizer: DPPO is the automated workstation performance tool that configures settings based on the software application, will be updated with new profiles for Siemens NX 8.5 and Dassault Systèmes CATIA. Dell Precision Optimizer with system requirements that can quickly change according to the application, it can be challenging and time-consuming to keep a Workstation running at its peak. The Optimizer removes the time and effort needed to maintain the Workstation, helping the user to analyze and model Workstation performance to get a better understanding of system utilization,simplify driver and software updates and make sure the system and its components are running at their best and boost performance for select applications with automatic tuning of system settings per application.

PCIe Solid State Drives (SSDs) — The Dell Precision T7610 workstation hasMicron PCIe SSD technology .The PCIe SSD is one of the highest performance storage options that merge SSD technology directly with the fast PCIe system communication bus.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ co-processor 3120A PCIe card — The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor is a new manycore x86-based computational architecture built for high efficiency and exceptional performance on highly parallel workloads. Offered as a coprocessor on a PCIe card, it works synergistically with Intel® Xeon® Processors to deliver accelerated performance on Dell Precision T7610 tower workstation.

Intel Cache Acceleration Software — Workstation (CAS-W) — Dell has deeply collaborated with Intel to bring to market and tune the first workstation enterprise-grade storage acceleration software application, Intel CAS-W, which improves workstation application performance. Intel CAS-W storage option enables performance that is near solid state drive speeds at a significantly reduced cost versus a full SSD storage solution.

The Dell Precision T7610, designed to seamlessly run the leading content creation, engineering, scientific and other professional software applications. Updated with the latest high-performance, workstation-class processors, graphics, storage, display and other technologies.

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