Digital Campaign of the Year With 0$ Media Budget

Translation: This page got lost. If you ever get lost in the mountains, you know who you can count on.

Croatian Mountain Rescue Service are a bunch of brave, higly-skilled volunteers that help people who get lost or stranded in Croatian mountains and caves. Here’s how we made a lasting digital reminder of their bravery. 2014, portfolio work

After redesigning the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service’s web, we were faced with a challenging task — how to promote it with… no money. We were just making the final touches, adding a cool 404 page inspired by Lukina jama, the deepest Croatian cave.

If you get in trouble there, your only hope are the CMRS.

Translation: The page got lost. It may have fallen to the bottom of Lukina jama. Get down and check it out.

We thought we were in deep s**t, but then it hit us! Why don’t we use the 404 page as the campaign channel.

So, we created a social media campaign, urging all Croatian website owners to donate their 404 page to the CMRS. To make sure the 404 page with the CMRS message ends up on as much websites as possible, we made the implementation really easy. The website owners had to copy just a line of code and they were good to go.

So, whenever somebody in Croatia gets lost on the web, they get reminded that the CMRS will be there for the rescue, if they ever get lost in the physical world.

High-traffic Croatian media sites and huge corporate sites were happy to take part in the campaign.

But, even better — this campaign has no end date. It garners over 1 200 000 impressions yearly. Just to put things in perspective, Croatia has just over 4.5 million inhabitants.

The Lost Page won MIXX Best in show award, the recognition awarded to the best Croatian digital campaign. It also won a Bronze Effie, for its cost efficient use of a creative medium.

The project was realized by Brlog and Bruketa&Žinić. Credits.

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

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