Pretty Girls Love Pretty Pictures: CultureSnap Gives Us What We Need

CultureSnap Icon. Available for Android and iPhone Users.

I’m a sucker for a good selfie.

I honestly don’t know anybody in my generation that isn’t. And in a world where Bitmojis and filters have taken over the selfie game, it’s about time that somebody did it for The Culture.

That’s exactly what the creators of CultureSnap did. Frederick Burns and his team created an app that not just takes lit pics, but gives us filters that showcases the very best of black culture.

Burns and his team took the best statements and hashtags from Black Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to create filters that are fun, easy to use, and an enhancement to an already fly selfie.

One of the many filters from CultureSnap

Dear Black Girl sets out to spotlight black women doing the dang ‘on thing, but we could not bypass the opportunity to talk about CultureSnap and it’s addition to Black Millennial Culture. Along with 2Chainz’ Trap Hit “Pretty Girls Love Trap Music” CultureSnap has helped us at DBG enjoy what is already a LIT Summer ‘17.

I was at a day party in Chicago and this filter came in handy honey!

So, thank you CultureSnap for giving us a way to celebrate our blackness even more all over the social medias.

One time for The Culture.