I teach at a high school in the middle of the hood. 100% of our students are black, and 100% live in or are subjected to poverty on a daily basis. They face traumas that seem unreal, grown folk problems at 14, and reading scores that make my job nearly impossible to do. But there is one thing that stands out to me as the most uphill battle.

My babies don’t know who they are.

They know they’re black, but they don’t really know, or honestly care to know, what that even means. This is an issue that constantly plagues…

All reproach ain’t wrong, y’all

Over the past few months I’ve read a few Op-Eds about millennials leaving churches but continuing to believe, or about what millennials need out of Christianity, or why we don’t participate in service like folk think we should. I’ve read it, rolled my eyes, and felt stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you’ve read my other blog posts you know that I grew up in church and still, to this day, believe and attend church regularly, sometimes more than twice a week. You may have also gotten the hint (because I haven’t…

November is over, thank God.

It was a helluva month for me, and although I made it through, I still feel it. I feel the remnants of what November showed me, and what I learned about myself for the millionth time in my 27 years of life.

I am not superwoman.

Sometimes — most times — I choose to ignore this well-known fact and then act surprised when it hits me in the face. I am good at a whole bunch of stuff. …

I wrote the title of this piece then got on Facebook because I was afraid to tell the truth. Let me start from the beginning, though. Maybe it will help. Maybe you’ll understand. Maybe I’ll understand.

Seven years ago my hurt was given a name: depression. Two years later anxiety jumped on board. Monday I had a mental breakdown.

That Sunday before I sat in church, almost in a daze (that’s hard to do because there is never a dull moment in our service.) …

My paternal grandmother is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

My paternal grandmother has Dementia.

Because of the distance between my biological father and I, my relationship with his side of the family tends to be strained — grandmother included. We have never had the relationship that I believe a grandmother and granddaughter should have, but she is still mine. I resolved, though, to make more of an effort, at least with her, because, well, I just need to.

Me and my Grandmother a few years ago. We share the same smile, too.

I live in another state, so I call her every Thursday. Our conversations are almost always the same:

Approximately 5:30 pm on any…

Every since I can remember, I have settled.

But not in everything. When it comes to my education, my career, the way I live, I go for the absolute best. But, when it comes to relationships, I find myself giving a whole lot and falling flat on my face each time.

I have terrible taste in men.

Just typing that sentence made me gag a little bit, but it also made me feel a little bit better. …

At my job I am tasked with being the “school culture leader.” This means that I plan events, measure data pertaining to the school climate, and be the authority on all things school (and Black) culture. I don’t mind; my heart lies in education and even more so Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and school culture.

My school — well, my kids — are 100% Black. The teaching staff is roughly 70% white. This is not surprising to me; for my entire career I’ve been in majority black spaces with majority white adults.

What does surprise me, though, is that as I…

Anybody that knows me knows that my mom is my best friend. We do almost everything together, and if she doesn’t answer my call I put out a Facebook All Points Bulletin.

But she’s still my mother, and every once in a while she drops a gem that reminds me of how loved, valuable, and special I am.

She raised me on her own, and even though we never had a lot, I always had, and still have, whatever I need and about 90% of my wants. …

Recently, videos of teen star Maia Campbell have surfaced of her in a drug induced state. In one, Maia is seen begging for drugs and acting outlandishly. In another she is seen declining help from LL Cool J, her former co-star of “In The House.”

It’s been no secret that Maia has suffered from substance abuse and bipolar disorder. In 2012, Maia talked about her issues on Iyanla’s Fix My Life, and it is apparent then that although she was working to improve her situation, she was struggling. It was difficult for me to watch. There was nothing there.


CultureSnap Icon. Available for Android and iPhone Users.

I’m a sucker for a good selfie.

I honestly don’t know anybody in my generation that isn’t. And in a world where Bitmojis and filters have taken over the selfie game, it’s about time that somebody did it for The Culture.

That’s exactly what the creators of CultureSnap did. Frederick Burns and his team created an app that not just takes lit pics, but gives us filters that showcases the very best of black culture.

Burns and his team took the best statements and hashtags from Black Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to create filters that are fun, easy to use…

LaQuasha Logan

Black, educated, woman. Never heard of a more powerful combination. www.dearblkgrl.com

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