Interntrip: a Millennial’s routine

Ever wondered what’s it like?

7:07am, and your shower is hot. Or cold, depending on what rent range you can afford, and depending on whether you and your housemates are taking a shower all at the same time. Clothes, hair, breakfast. You decide to use almond milk because it’s so much better for you and you probably just saved a baby cow, so might as well. While you eat your animal-saving bowl of cereal you check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Recently you also decided to download a newspaper’s app, as it makes you feel cultured: you are legally an adult, therefore you should behave like one. If you’re in the mood you might share an article or two, just to let you friends know that you care so much about current affairs and you are truly politically engaged. You suddenly realise that all your housemates are also sitting at the table having breakfast. You like your housemates. You are all looking at your phones, and nobody speaks.

Time to go to work. You are an intern at this huge IT or consultancy company, whatever that means, and you are probably barely 21. Still, you are deeply frustrated, as you feel like it’s too late. We’re not talking about the bus here. Whatever your goal in life is, whichever your dream job, you know that someone has achieved it before you. What’s more, they were younger and they’ve done it better, reason why you nervously sit on this bus, waiting for that misty hill outside the window to enlighten you about the next Shazam. You have a love-hate relationship with the journey to work. Since you have a while to spend on the bus, you try and do something productive, like networking, like listening to some music that’s going to put you in the right mood, like writing, like desperately thinking about an idea you could patent through the company you work for. Before getting off the bus, you quickly check Facebook and Instagram once again, as you might have missed a couple of likes during the last fortyfive minutes.

You’re at work, and you’re conscious of your outfit. In regards to your style, you usually try to find an acceptable middle ground between being the best version of yourself and a concealed version of who you’ll never be. In other words, presentable, just in case Mark Zuckerberg shows up and asks you to be the CEO of Facebook while he’s off to the Maldives. Anyway. You’re not a hundred percent sure what your company does, or whether you actually like what you’re doing, but it’s going to look sick on your CV, so why not. Plus, they pay is not that bad. Let’s face it, your days are like a huge rollercoaster. Sometimes you genuinely feel like the new Steve Jobs, and you’re sure you are going to be someone with a perfect life. Other times, you feel like your job consists of cleaning your team’s poo off the floor. You’re pretty sure that’s going to look good on your CV as well. The day goes fairly quickly, and you spend it either looking at your laptop or at your phone, with a thirty minutes lunch break during which you check Facebook just in case.

5pm, time to catch the bus back. You walk towards the bus station and call your parents, your girlfriend or your boyfriend, and realise the awkwardness of an actual human contact. Then you finally look away from your phone, and reality hits you like a brick on your nape. It reminds you of the actual physical depth of space, which Leonardo da Vinci was trying real hard to paint in the late 15th century. You realise he did it better than Apple. Your eyes hurt, because your pupils are shrinking for the first time today. You look at the sky, and almost have a syncope realising that the clouds are so far away. That one in particular, that one looks wrong. It really bothers you. In fact, it looks like someone from their iPad chose an inappropriate brush to paint it. It feels fake, it just feels like someone didn’t know what they were doing. But then you remind yourself that everything is the opposite of what it seems, and that natural clouds do not take inspiration from apps, and that is rather the contrary.

Music, phone, food. You don’t really enjoy cooking, as it’s a bit of a waste of time. Still, you try to pack yourself a healthy lunch for tomorrow, because there’s no success without sacrifice, even though you are dying for some chips, but you might even save a cow or two. Skype, Instagram. People’s life look better than yours, and this is the reason why you also have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. But someday. Someday you’ll be having lunch in that seaside cafe in Bali, someday you’ll have a girlfriend that looks like a Victoria Secret’s model, someday you’ll watch that film, someday you’ll buy those cigars, someday you’ll download that app, you’ll buy that top, you’ll own that bra, and life is going to be so much better. But it’s time to get ready for sleep, cause evenings go real quick, and tomorrow is so close to beginning. Deep inside of you, know you love your life, don’t you?

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