The industry’s been turned on its head and touring has been the main source of income for musicians. And yet, thousands of tour dates have been canceled and artists are facing uncertain financial futures. They’ve also been some of the first to act, planning live streams of intimate, acoustic online concerts and even mini online weekend-long festivals immediately after tucking themselves into quarantine, bringing much-needed light and comfort during a dark time. Music gives color and sound to our lives, how can we support them and make sure that artists can continue to share their art going forward?

  1. Buy from…

There was nothing like a CRB show. Incense burning, flowers adorning the stage, downing eight Miller Lites while I feasted my ears on the sweet guitar licks of my all-time favorite musician and swayed at the foot of the stage with dozens of other passionate fans- one multi-sensory overloaded blissful three hours and you’re hooked for life.

Regretfully, it took me a few years to hop on the magic bus. I’d been a fan of Neal Casal’s work with the Cardinals and then became more interested in his solo music. When he joined CRB in 2011, I was going through…

Yesterday, the New York Times dropped an explosive piece chronicling seven women’s reports of Ryan Adams’s years of manipulation and abuse. As of today, there are at least four more women who have gone on record corroborating the story. The overwhelming response from fans and other industry members is a general tone of “disappointed but not surprised.” Adams is notorious for his erratic and off-putting antics throughout the duration of his career, and his more recent social media use has sent up red flags for even his most die-hard fans.

As “Me, Too” revelations have begun throughout the film, TV…


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