Creating a Business Plan #session5

In our last session i tried to figuerd out how i could used my passion to create a business plan around my personal social problem.

When i think about my passion the first thing i think about is to travel, learn new cultures and new people around the world. And my wish is that everyone has an open-mind to different people. My second passion, or what i really like in my life are animals. And now i tried to combine the this two things to create a business plan.

I need some help from a local media, people or the local government to start my project, also also social media could help to spread the message. And than i try to go in the companies or schools or some other local facilities and tell them to create groups. (like one german and one immigrant) And both can take care of one animal together. I think that helps the coherence with the two people and they get to know each other much more better and learn about different culture. And when we spread some good examples, maybe some people will awake and see the things with different eyes. Because everyone has the same rights and i think there is nothing better to get to know our world a little bit better.

But here is my full business plan. #socialinnovation #socinnescp #larakub