What does it take to make our day great?

Is it eating? Is it doing something for others? Is it having a sound sleep? Or what else?

Definitely, at some level, we all agree that eating good food, helping others, or having a sound sleep and a lot more things will make our day good. The answer is all…Yes…all these help us to make our day GOOD. Most of us would say at some point of our lives, “It’s just a bad day for me!”

How easy is to say that? Very very very easy. But let’s say…okay…let’s take my example…if I am playing Football and I am not playing well…what would I say? I might say…I am just not in touch since a while…I need some time with the ball. But do I actually need some time? Will I do great if I spend some time with the ball? The answer is no! A solid no!

It is not because I can’t be great in football, it is because I never tried to be. I just did what most other people would do, SAY, I am not in touch!

To be great at something…we don’t need to spend SOME time with it! We need to live it. And yes, it will come at a cost, both monetary and otherwise. Monetary is not a bigger deal…because money should never be a barrier for us to achieve anything…it can be a hurdle, but definitely not a barrier. The other costs we pay to achieve what we want might make the entire equation negative once we finally achieve what we want. Or let us be a little positive…it will bring the negatives to positives once we finally achieve what we want. I personally like the positive one better, although there exists a risk, but I love taking risks…not all…but I love taking calculated risk.

So what makes your day great? In a one-day Cricket Match with 203 to win from 147 deliveries…what makes the batsman feel good about a delivery? Might be when he middles the ball, may be…but what makes that delivery great? A single, a double, a triple, a boundary, or a six…they all make that delivery great. You know why???

Because they all bring the batsman closer to the target! What makes our day good? The answer is simple…but only to answer…not so simple to execute…!

Doing things which takes us closer to our target makes our day great…and goodness follow greatness!

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