Why Influencer Marketing Continues to Grow In Popularity

The digital landscape is ever evolving, offering new and exciting opportunities for both big corporations and small business alike. Advancements in this space, such as influencer marketing, are moving at lightning speed, leaving even the most accomplished marketer perplexed as to what the best digital marketing strategy is for their business.

It is hard to imagine that traditional advertising methods and print media could be obsolete in the future, but even now we are seeing them increasingly replaced by digital formats and new technology campaign strategies. Why? Because brands have the opportunity to resonate with their community like never before thanks to digital marketing strategies.

So why influencer marketing? It is no secret that the consumer of today is a savvy one, uncharmed by the constant bombardment of online and offline brand messaging, which is ultimately having an impact on consumers and their relationship with brands. While repetition can be a good thing in the world of marketing and advertising, it can also annoy consumers, especially when the communications are blatant or unrelenting. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is a more genuine, authentic marketing strategy (when done correctly), it’s targeted and the content is engaging. And that’s only a handful of the reasons why brands work with influencers.

Since the average person spends 1 hour 40 minutes on social media each day, it is easy to see why social media has allowed influencer marketing to flourish. By utilising the power of “word of mouth” marketing and putting it to scale on social media, influencer marketing allows brands to collaborate with social media influencers to create candid, authentic and engaging content about their brand. Coupled with their strong status as a content distributor, influencer marketing is a recipe for success in the current digital marketing landscape.

Brands are presented with a golden advertising strategy like never before, and influencers have the opportunity to work with top-tier brands and earn an income from their unique skill set.

So, is influencer marketing the key to overcoming the challenges of traditional advertising? I certainly think so!