Recently, there has been some attention to waiving the cost of tuition for the first year for all first time students across California’s community colleges. California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed AB19 into law, establishing the California College Promise. This promise will waive enrollment fees for the first academic year for first-time students who are enrolled in a community college in 12 units or more per semester. Currently the state offers fee waivers for students with demonstrable hardship through its BOGFW and Pell grant support. AB19 would serve as an incentive for other first time students to enroll in community…

Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California’s Needs is the new strategic plan for the California Community Colleges by its newest Chancellor, Eloy Ortiz Oakley.

Vision for Success, is student centered approach focused on helping students reach their defined objective. Whatever that is. The plan is a comprehensive guide for all 114 community colleges in California to understand their strengths, look into their areas of growth, and merge current state-wide student success initiatives to support all students.

One of the reasons why this strategic plan is a big deal is because California served over 2 million

I have been following Assembly Bill 176 since its inception early last year. Eager to track how the bill passed through the legislature, watching how its support grew, all with the hopes that it would get approved and signed into law before the end of 2015. Assembly Bill 176, or AB 176, focuses on collecting and disaggregating data on Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) across institutions of higher education and health agencies, consistent with the U.S. Census’ ethnic categories. The main goal of this bill is to take a step in unmasking some of the disparities that lurk among underserved…

Today at a holiday event at work, I was introduced to a colleague as the ‘prettiest girl in the research office’. I didn’t know how to respond to that. I kindly smiled and said ‘thank you’ and walked away. I wrestled between feelings of content as if I just received a compliment, and feelings of being undermined as if only physical attributes mattered. And although it took me some time to figure out why I felt this way, I think I was able to capture my feeling into words.

I love my dark skin, my black hair, and I’m very…

Dr Lara Brady

Educational research scientist with the goal of making the achievement gap a thing of the past.

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