How to improve your lifestyle in 5 steps

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. I speak from experience. I think almost everyone has been there, trying to adjust your lifestyle… For me, it was to eat healthier. That was the lifestyle change I made and it wasn’t easy but it worked.

Here are the steps that helped me change.

Step 1: Acknowledge your willpower

The first step to improving your lifestyle is acknowledging your will to change your lifestyle.

Most people forget that you have to acknowledge willpower and this is vital in the change process. Take a step back and constantly remind yourself why you are actually doing this and what you want to achieve. The most important thing I did was to always keep in mind why I want to make a change in my lifestyle because it was only when I did this that I was actually ready to make a change in my life and follow the next steps.

Step 2: Set specific goals

Set specific goals for yourself that you know you can achieve. If your goals are set too high and are too ambitious you will feel discouraged and won’t see progress. Oftentimes we don’t realise that the goals we set for ourselves are too tough and this is what is keeping us from progressing.

This happened to me too. I got frustrated with myself at one point and didn’t know why. Someone else had to open my eyes and tell me that this frustration was coming from my inability to reach the goals I had set for myself as they were way too ambitious. Now I set little goals that I can achieve along the way.

Do this and you will feel accomplished and proud when you are able to see progress step by step along the way. With reaching each little goal you will feel more confident and positive about your lifestyle change.

Step 3: Allow yourself to make mistakes

Even if you fail at one of your goals along the way don’t feel too bad about it. Making mistakes is what makes us human. You have to admit to your mistakes because that’s the only way we learn from them. This was hard for me because I would never admit to my mistakes and would try to find external reasons for my failures. I most often blamed my environment for my own mistakes which didn’t lead to a good outcome especially because I wouldn’t progress.

Learn from my mistakes, remember: Everyone makes mistakes but only strong people learn from them because they are able to admit that they made mistakes.

Step 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t hesitate to tell your friends about your plans and let them help you. Get them involved. Sometimes when it comes to change in your personal life your surroundings can be a vital part in this process.

From my personal experience it is good to have your family and friends on your side. They can make you feel supported and this will make you much more ambitious to actually reach your goals and accomplish your life change. For me it was only when I got my parents involved in my change to having a healthier lifestyle that I could progress better because they would help me with cooking and eating healthier around me. If other people are involved you’re not only letting yourself down by not reaching the goal but also your supporters! This, in my experience, gives you a tailwind which will make it possible to change your lifestyle.

Step 5: Face your fears and conquer them

Don’t let your fears hinder your process. They will interfere at points, just acknowledge them, know they’re there and face them. This is the only way you can actually use the negative energy that comes from them and put it into good use.

Martha Beck, a renowned author who wrote a guide on taming your fears, says

One way to put more zest into your life, then, is to seek activities or situations where fear and fascination overlap.”

Remember, having doubts and fears is natural. You are not the only person to have them so face them and move forward! Take her advice and you will start living your life to the fullest.

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