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To sit and gaze at the colors that dance and crash when the clock hits sunset hour, to hear the waves of the ocean singing a giggle-like melody that is so familiar and cheerful in its nature that it draws a spontaneous yet accurate smile on your face, to breath in with passion and breath out your worries, to relax every muscle in your body, to feel connected to all that which surrounds you, in an intimate, almost unreal way. That is to be in the perfectly natural state of mind and that is exactly what you will be able to obtain by taking a trip up to Ras Sudr.

What so special about Ras Sudr? Surely there’s a destination for everyone. Ras Shitan, for those who are looking to leave their worries behind and live in peacefulness for a few days. Gouna/Hurghada, for the party animals out there. Dahab, for the meditating divers and last but not least, Sharm El Sheikh, where you can enjoy different kinds of water-sports throughout your mornings and turn into a sun-kissed dancer at night. Ras Sudr on the other hand, is a place where the sun-kissed dancers, meditating divers, water-sport lovers and peaceful humans come together to enjoy the best of all worlds.

There’s a number of popular spots located in Ras Sudr, each offering a unique experience!

Matarma Bay

If you’re looking for a quick, relaxing but enjoyable get-away, then this is the place for you! Matarma will hand you the ability to meditate, clear your mind and obtain a sense of peacefulness through the simplicity of the scenery that surrounds you, on one hand, and turn that peacefulness into unforgettable, enjoyable nights full of laughter, new faces and a hell of a story to take home with you, on the other hand. Perhaps my ultimate, personally, favorite aspect was the never ending adventures and the loving atmosphere provided by those who run the place, as well as the guests staying at the Hotel. There’s always an adventure waiting for

you, whether it’s kite-surfing, kayaking, meditating, jamming or simply enjoying conversations with strangers that have tons of interesting stories to share. To top that off, you are provided with all the needed facilities, a beautiful space area for the early birds to meditate whilst admiring the sight of sun-rise, a well facilitated gym for the fit dragons, a bar area with a DJ mixing the perfect tunes that will make you jiggle and enjoy your drink, a cozy glass-closed area where you can lay back, enjoy a lazy day in and still have the sight of the ocean and last but never the least, the main hut, where you will come across the travelers, writers, art lovers and story tellers that will make your trip a worth-while one. In addition to this, Matarma now provides windsurfing and kite-surfing training, a facility owned by Omar Fadaly.

Unique aspects:

· If you don’t necessarily wish to buy your own liquor and carry it around, there’s no need to. Matarma serves cold Ice beer bottles for you to enjoy any time of the day. Whereas Kite-loop and Soul do not serve alcohol.

· Whether you’re traveling with a big family or a big group of friends, Matarma may be the only camp in Ras Sudr that provides you with the option of staying in connected, shared door, rooms.


Dive into a kite-surfing loop! Located only 10 minutes away from Matarma bay is Kite-loop; a cozy spot where all Ras Sudr lovers come together to exchange stories, jam their instruments and enjoy a tasty tongue numbing dish. Kite-loop is well-known for its, friendly, comfortable and family-like ambiance. In the mornings you’ll be hypnotized by the rainbow-like beauty that is created by the wind-blown kites, whilst you sit back, sip on a cold drink, getting ready for your kite-surfing training. If you’re not a kite-surfing fan, there’s other activities for you to take part of, such as, kayaking, meditating, playing card or tawla, or simply enjoying a swim through the rocks free beach.

Unique Aspects:

· Although Kite-Loop does not serve alcohol, a mini-bar cooler is found in each room, for you to put all your traveling goodies in.

· Whilst in Kite-Loop, you’ll come to meet some of the best Kite-surfers in Egypt, whom will be gladly willing to provide you with insights as to the Do’s and Don’ts.

· You will always be surrounded by familiar faces that will make your stay a comfortable and cozy one.

Soul Kite-Surfing Center.

Where everything began! Soul, also referred to as La Hacienda, is owned by Sherif Soliman. Built before Matarma Bay and Kite-Loop, Soul is known as one of the first openers that have brought Ras Sudr under the spotlight. Although Soul does not provide accommodation, it is only a few minutes from La Hacienda, where well equipped rooms are available for those looking for a place to stay. For those of you thinking that Soul is a place limited to kite-surfers, you’re about to be handed a new perspective! Food Lovers, this is the place for you! Soul is known for its juicy, delicious and slimy burgers and home-made fries that are promising to satisfy your appetite and allow your taste-buds to yet discover a new taste. Although alcohol is not served, their menu is filled with tempting drinks for you to enjoy throughout your day (you may also bring in your own alcohol beverages with you). In addition to this, Soul is covered with bungalows for you to sit back and experience relaxation at its best.

Soul is where the crowd is at! Unlike Matarma and Kite-Loop, Soul can be busy through-out the whole week, with a live and up-beat ambiance. There you are like to find a large number of unfamiliar faces, separated into groups, each group enjoying their morning in different ways. Some may be taking part in sport-activities, others may be exploring their inner talents, relaxing by the beach whilst reading a good novel, swinging their hips to the updated tracks played by soul, whilst others may be sipping on a home-made cup of coffee over a conversation.

Unique Aspects:

· For those who prefer a swim in the pool over a swim in the beach, Soul is the place for you! A pool is located in Soul, surrounded by bungalows.

· You’ll come across a number of individuals, each having something new to teach you! All the way from the artists to the kite-surfers.

That’s not it..

Down to earth explorers and sight-seeing adventurers, Ras Sudr is calling for you! Due to its unique location, Ras Sudr is home to a variety of habitats, including: wadis, hot springs, beaches, mountains, desert areas and sandy gulfs. The good news is, you have access to all of its habitats!

Tabia (Natural) Camp.

As its name suggest, Tabia Camp is where nature is the highlight of the trip. You’ll be spending your days surrounded by a clean and rock-free beach, and an open sky which you may gaze at enjoying the beautiful splashing colours of Sunrise and Sunset. The camp is made up of eight clean huts made out of reed, located a few steps away from the shore. Shared western-style bathrooms are found between huts. The best part of Tabia Camp, must be its main-hut! Located only 5 minutes away from the huts, is the main camp, where all campers gather after sunset around a camp-fire, introducing themselves to one another, sharing stories and jamming through-out the night.

Hammamat Pharo’un.

Hammamat Pharo’un, is one of the many famous springs in Egypt, located in the Southern part of Ras Sudr, about 45 KM from the main town. If you’re adventures and up for a memorable and healing experience, this is it. It consists of a cave which extends 25 meters into the mountain, which requires you to lay, stretched, face down and smuggle your way into the mountain. Make sure you’re equipped with a flash-light, it can get pretty dark in there! Once you reach the dead end, you’ll be surrounded by a naturally made sauna, feeling the hot water rub against your skin. The water is said to heal any bone injuries you may have, as well as soften the skin. Free pampering!

Other attraction to include in your list when traveling to Ras Sudr, include: Wadi al-Gharandal, Ayoon Musa, Ein Malha, Ein Yirga, and Abu Gada.

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