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Mazen Yassen: #IQuitMyJobForThis

To sum it up, Travelling means I get to be my true self.

1. When and Where was your first trip?

“Given that I was born in Qatar, I flew back to Egypt when I was 5 years old wait.. would that be considered as my first trip?”

2. When did your passion towards traveling emerge?

I’ve always had it in me, I just gave myself stupid excuses like not having enough money and time… etc
Now I know better, travelling low budget is the best way to go because this is where you create memories and experiences. And making time is just a choice that you have to pressure yourself to get it done.

3. How many countries and cities have you visited?

Not that they’re many and i lost count, it’s only that i have a very bad memory when it comes to keeping track of stuff.. but I would say around 17 countries, and about 30 cities.

4. Tell us about 5 adventures/experiences that are memorable to you?

Five ? 
I’ll try to remember as much as possible, let’s start with touring Europe (7 countries in 22 days) because that’s the most recent 
I loved doing it !! i loved it, i loved it, but I wouldn’t do it again.. I mean driving 12,000 KM in sixty something hours was a lot.. I loved the roads, the scenery and all the stops, but driving without knowing the rules is just crazy and sometimes mind exhausting.
Bali and Sri Lanka, are both fascinating, beautiful with their exotic nature, the simplicity of the locals and the magnificent waves around those islands for surfing !!! I learned surfing there and I’m definitely going back soon to catch some more waves.
I guess two experiences sum up most of my travel

5. Did a certain culture, country or experience serve as a turning point to you?

After driving around 7 countries in Europe and getting to see different cultures, streets, ways of living and ways of treating tourists, I was shocked by how Amsterdam was the friendliest and the most helpful and nice people to meet. I mean even the locals are a huge mix of Asians, Europeans and even Arabs (Veiled women everywhere) and they ALL with no exceptions are nice to each other and nice to tourists as well. They are very accommodating and love life. This has nothing to do with the legalisation of drugs as many might think, but it’s in their culture, in their blood and in their every step of the day — They love life and that to me is fascinating !

6. What obstacles do you face as a young Egyptian traveler? How do you (or did you) overcome them?

I faced a lot of obstacles trying to understand the street driving signs.. I really didn’t understand 95% of the rules, I was horned at all the time when I knew that no one honks their horns unless ur pretty much stupid and can’t drive at all !

7. Where are you heading next?

Back to the far east, where all the waves and surfers are. I really do miss the feeling of being on a board in the ocean, it’s indescribable !

8. What does ‘Traveling’ mean to you?

It means liberation and freedom, it means that you don’t have to think twice before acting stupid, doing something that you’ve long wanted to do but worry about how people will perceive you/it. It means an open mind to think, act, sing, video shoot, do handstands, talk to strangers, listen to travelers stories.

9. As a traveler, is there anything you’d like to say to others with the urge and passion to travel and wonder the world?

I would say, get out there and find out what you’ve been missing. You will get to experience emotions you never knew existed in you. Travel alone, or travel with a friend that you’ve travelled with before. People can be fun in their comfort zone (where they live), but once you take them out of it, they can drain you and ruin your trip.
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