l’obscurité, mon amie vielle

Hello again, old friend. How’ve you been? I thought you had gone for good but welcome back, make yourself at home. I was just talking about you actually… my very last post tells of how I had bid you goodbye. Alas, you turn around and knock on my door? Perfect timing. Put the kettle on. Kick up your feet. How long will you be here to stay? I will have to make accomodations, you see. I’ve changed a bit since you were last here. I’ve changed a lot. Location, for one — I’m no longer in the safety net of a family that I know and love. I’m all the way on the other side of the world. Isn’t that a grand thing? Grand indeed.

Boyfriend — yep that’s changed, too. No more warm security blanket, but fresh, itchy sheets that my skin hasn’t quite warmed up to. Fresh itchy sheets that you can’t trust with complete comfort because, well, they’re itchy.

Well, old friend, it’s time for us to leave now. Will you show me the way?

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