The Anti-Blackness of Black Men, Or; I Only Date White Women
Daniel Johnson

Interesting read. I found some points you could have maybe out since you are coming from a standpoint of protecting a race, you could do so without insulting the other. Also, character is one thing and color another. I would have taken a bullet and would never throw my ex-husband (black man) under the bus, we still talk. I bailed him out from a dui and listen when he needs a friend. He suffers depression. That’s character and nothing to do with whiteness. You sound very anti-white, when in fact you can be pro-black without being anti-white, or shall i say racist.

“You may try and dress it up, you may try and hide it, you may even try to deny it, but when you go home and you crawl into bed and you look at this woman who needs make-up to even halfway look human, you know the truth. You know you have chosen hatred over good, common sense”

I came to this page trying to discover what role society plays in a black man choosing a white woman, just FYI if wondering why I’m here. Wondering if it’s a confidence thing, since white if “favored” and a black man may find self confidence hard to display when struggling against societies preferences. Peace and love to all humans. ❤

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