3best dog breeds for kids

“A dog is a man’s best friend” you must have heard this statement at least once in your life. But how much truth is in this statement?

Studies at the “Centers for disease control and prevention” suggest that children having dogs at home have low anxiety and stress levels; not only this, another study found that dogs reduce the chances for children to get Eczema. Thus having a dog as your pet is the quite right decision. Now an important question remains: which dog would make a perfect pet for your family?

In that case, we got you covered as these 3dog breeds, according to the “American kennel club,” are not only family-friendly and great snuggle buddies but can also be a bundle of joy for both kids and adults. But before getting a dog, you should make a pet checklist to ensure which type of dog would be best suited for your family according to your home environment.

family dogs
  • Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are not only the best cuddling pals but also ideal family companions. Due to their warm, welcoming smile and gentle nature, they are considered one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Retrievers are a large dog breed with a life span of 10–12 years. Being highly energetic and playful makes them a perfect choice for first-time pet owners. Retrievers are very outgoing dogs thus, making them exemplary hunting companions. Although goldens are very easy to train but despite that, they are not a good option to keep as guard dogs as they are unbothered by commotion and tumult. Retrievers become more malleable and calm as they grow older, hence making them an ideal dog breed for young children.

golden retriever
  • Beagle

Famous Snoopy dog from comic “Peanuts,” beagle, belongs to the hound’s breed of dogs. They are small dogs with a life span of 10–15 years. These tiny, compact dogs are apartment-friendly, making them an excellent choice as indoor dogs. Beagles have a strong sense of smell and are very noisy, making them ideal for hunting. Although beagles are friendly hounds, they have a high prey drive, making them a danger for strangers; that’s why it is important to train beagles. But beagles are curious animals, so it requires twice as much patience and commitment in training them; once trained, they are the most obedient dog breeds. Beagles are pleasing, cheerful, and furry little playful friends for small kids, making them perfect first-time dogs.

  • American Eskimo

American Eskimos, also known as Eskies, are the cutest, fluffiest dogs to exist. Eskies became famous as circus dogs in the late 1800s. Eskies are small, gentle, playful, and friendly dogs with a life span of 13–15 years. They are apartment-friendly and have a gentle temperament, making them ideal for families with young children. They are highly energetic and easy to train, therefore making them perfect as guard dogs. Eskies are cheerful, friendly dogs, and their fluffy cloud-like appearance makes them perfect cuddling companions not only for kids but also for adults.

American Eskimo

Whether you choose a retriever or an Eskimo as your first pet, it is necessary to train and take care of your dogs and spend quality time with them to make them feel welcome, so they’ll adapt to their surroundings and make perfect first-time dogs.



Writing for me has always been a source to express my feelings, my thoughts. I write whenever I feel like giving my thoughts a place to reside.

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Writing for me has always been a source to express my feelings, my thoughts. I write whenever I feel like giving my thoughts a place to reside.