The TV is not the TV, your head is the TV

Now this title was inspired by a six-year old. She visited my mom with her siblings, and she was complaining that the TV at the lounge wouldn’t come on. I was explaining to her that there was a power surge recently- that affected the TV’s power adapter. And perhaps, this is the reason the TV no longer works- as it now needs fixing.

She didn’t fully understand me- I thought as I spoke- because she kept interrupting me- just like any other kid would do. But then during her almost endless chain of interruptions, she said something thoughtlessly that inspired me- although most likely meaningless to her. She said “this is not the TV, my head is the TV”

I pondered what I had just heard from this six-year old for quite some time and it occurred to me that: what amuses us, what interests us, what inspires us- is in our heads. The average person would not have thought twice about what this little girl said to me. I am surprised I gave it a thought myself. That was her head being the TV and me being the listener/viewer who had just gotten inspired.

Everything around us talks to us everyday. And I mean EVERYTHING. However, we unconsciously, and sometimes consciously ignore the Essential of Life, and we pursue the nonessential- which in turn, takes our time and ultimately our lives.

We pick and choose everyday. We discriminate everyday; every second, every minute, every hour. We do not ourselves understand how, and why we do this. But we do it.

Life is an open book that 99% of the world’s citizenship will never figure out if they had ten lifetimes- because they see but cannot perceive. We are distracted by the charade, the craze, the tomfoolery. But largely, everything good: everything remarkable, everything successful- brews from inwards outwards, and it continuously echoes subliminally in our minds- almost silently. And only a tiny few may listen to hear.

Moreover, what we have Today is an outward manifestation of the inwards- the abstract that we have given life. They are somewhat enchanting. Because they are and are supposed to enchant. I do not want to dive into descriptions but I believe you may perceive if you open your mind. Nothing is really literal. It is all outwardly metaphorical- but only for he who can perceive.

Thus, the answer is simple, it is in our flawed nature to Choose, we all are Choosers! Your choosy friend, or partner- is just supposedly choosier! Choosing is how we survive.

However, in learning, we must seldom choose- or we will never learn.

Hence, the question I am trying to ask me, and you is this: if each decision we make- in every second, minute, hour, and day, we make them, is recorded, and If we can think back to each, singularly, and assess them: will we ourselves, and everyone else- be inspired by each of these actions, or will they just be greeted with laughters and hisses?