From desktop to convincing your stakeholders

Flutter Europe 2020 is the first edition of the biggest Flutter Conference. Two days, two tracks, 26 talks and 2 keynotes!

Here I present you the talks I attended and was able to sketch live in the conference. The videos aren't available yet, but once they are published, I will link them here.

Flutter for desktop — what is it good for?

Talk by .

Learn by reading, doing courses and watching videos

Everyone learns in different ways. Whether you prefer reading articles and documentation, watch videos, do courses or a mix, I have you covered!


Official documentation

The official documentation is pretty nice as it's well explained and contains lots of examples:

If you come from Android, iOS, React Native, web or Xamarin, in…

Questions about technology, Software Development and careers

Here I answer some of the interesting questions I received via

Q: I just started learning Android. Should I learn Kotlin or Java?

I would focus first on the basics of Android, and learn Java or Kotlin on the go. Later on you can learn the best practices for each programming language. …

Lara Martín

Android & Flutter Developer | Flutter/Dart GDE | I like cute things (✯◡✯)

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