Flutter Europe 2020 sketched

From desktop to convincing your stakeholders

Lara Martín
Feb 1 · 2 min read

Flutter Europe 2020 is the first edition of the biggest Flutter Conference. Two days, two tracks, 26 talks and 2 keynotes!

Here I present you the talks I attended and was able to sketch live in the conference. The videos aren't available yet, but once they are published, I will link them here.

Flutter for desktop — what is it good for?

Talk by Dominik Roszkowski.

Performance: Optimizing your Flutter app

Talk by Filip Hracek.

Flutter at work

Talk by Swav Kulinski.

Flutter at scale

Talk by Jorge Coca.

Navigator and Routes and Transitions… Oh, My!

Talk by Simon Lightfoot.

I'm personally very looking forward to Flutter Europe 2021 😉

Lara Martín

Written by

Android & Flutter Developer | Flutter/Dart GDE | I like cute things (✯◡✯)

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